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Mi Wu

The "reconstruction 16" is 16" Length, 4.5" Width, 3" Height   I grew up in a country where the ceramic culture was closely tied with our daily life. When I was a teenager, the magnet school which I attended was next to a ceramic town, Ying-Ko, located in the northern part of Taiwan. I used to go there during the weekend to collect those defective wares in the backyard of those ceramic factories, and use them for food in my dorm room. I can not resist those wares which are associated with food, such as pickle jars and rice cake bowls. When I pick up those wares, it immediately reminds me of the memories of making food, the flavor of the food, and the contentment of tasting the food. If the food is served in a plastic container, of course my memory would not be aroused in the "correct" way.

When I started taking ceramic classes in college, physical contact with the soft clay has led me to another realm of ceramics. It opened a new chapter of my life.
  The "reconstruction 48" is 48" Length, 8" width, 4.5 Height

For more about my work, visit www.geocities.com/miwumiwu or contact me at meooooo@hotmail.com



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