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A subscription to Wheels of Clay (sometime called Clay Wheels) costs nothing. Your personalized page will include two digital images, three paragraphs of text, and hyperlinks for your e-mail address and personal website (should you have one). We are extremely flexible at Wheels of Clay and would like to display your hand crafted pieces of artwork online.

Let get started! All you have to do is send the above information (please include name, address & phone number) to: gene@wheelsofclay.com

If you are interested in a purchasing your own domain (www.yourname.com), Wheels of Clay will gladly introdoce you to our web hosting provider, Intelliblue. Wheels of Clay has a special partnership with Intelliblue that allows our members to have custom websites built and hosted for free (An example of a website built by Intelliblue for Patti Warashina, a Wheels of Clay customer).



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