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Michael McCullough / M & M Artworks

Michael McCullough - CanisterIt all started for me in the summer of 1973, when Nancy, one of my four sisters, said,"Michael, there are two things you’ll never beable to do – snow ski and throw Michael McCulloughpottery on a wheel."

I’ve always been one to enjoy taking on a challenge ... so, I started throwing pots. Here it is, 29 years later, and I’m still working in clay. To Nancy I say: "Thanks for introducing me to the world of ceramics!"

I was born on May 28, 1957, in Tacoma, Washington, and was married in that city on June3, 1993, to Jane Muxen. Today, Jane and I have two great kids, Morgan and Riely Ann. In 1999 we built a new home and studio in Seattle, were we live and work today.

Michael McCullough - PlatterI built my kiln in the summer and fall of 1995, with help from my long-time friend and fellow ceramics artist, Ken Turner. My "BEVALT WOODFIRE KILN" is dedicated to and named after my mother, Beverly, and father, Walter, both of whom passed away in May, 1999.





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